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Well firstly, we listen very carefully to ascertain your exact requirements and then work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve your goal. Our main priority is to form a long-term relationship with you; after all, if you are happy with our services, don’t hesitate to recommend us to your friends. For us, repeating business is a good business. It relies implicitly on satisfying your needs and we aim to provide. At PROMIGG GROUP, the principle of sustainable partnerships is one of the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy – both within the company and beyond. This is why the yardstick for our collaboration with market partners is lasting mutual benefit. We engage in ongoing dialogue to ensure that we incorporate our partners’ needs and expectations into all our business decisions. Naturally, as a family business, our in-house partners are also especially close to our heart. Our staff are the foundation that underpins our success. We are committed to investing in them so that they will continue to feel at home at PROMIGG for many years to come. Buying from us you will never regret. We are Fast, effective, targeted... Also we buy Properties and Land for you, and much more. Contact us for more info:

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If you have any questions regarding the Promigg Group, investing or buying property in Thailand, please feel free to contact us today and see how we can make money for you through our boutique properties. Our English and Thai speaking staff are long time residents of Pattaya and Thailand and we use our knowledge and contacts to work to find for you, your special property - at the right price and in the location of your choice. With year’s of experience and a proven track record of innovative marketing , creating unique and effective sales techniques and marketing campaigns to produce a big impact that results in a solid record of accomplishments. Many people dream to have a life abroad and many of them “made-it” to Thailand…and of course, why not? Thailand is a beautiful place to live and work… to enjoy your own personal peace in life and many other benefits...Some expats come to Thailand to work and for living, while others come to retire. The foreigners retiring are more than likely the ones who will be interested in buying a house in Thailand for their own personal use or as an investment to earn some income from rentals. For a smooth transition you should approach THE BEST Real estate agent... Call us TODAY!!!



ART on the HILL in Books HOT!

ART on the HILL in Books HOT!